Discover Treasures Using 8 Completely New Systems

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Gold Star 3D Scanner

Professional Metal Detector

8 search systems for all metal detection applications with 2D visualization, 3D visualization software on bundled Android tablet

completely new technologies such as M.G.S, I.M.T.U, VST

Suitable For treasure hunters, gold seekers, archaeologists & mining companies

8 Search Systems For All Metal Detection Applications

Gold Star 3D Scanner Features

  1. Combines a professional metal detector and a 3D ground scanner with high-quality performance.
  2. 8 different search systems with latest developments in the field of metal detection technologies.
  3. A completely new patented 3D ground scanning technology via Multi Ground Scanner (M.G.S).
  4. Advanced 3D analysis app installed on bundled Android tablet.
  5. New and improved long-range metal detection technology with wider scanning field up to 3000 m and more depths up to 50 meters.
  6. Gold Star 3D Scanner has modern easy to use program available in 12 international languages.

Gold Star 3D Scanner Search Systems

1- Manual Long-Range locator [Manual LRL].
2- Automatic Long-Range Locator [AUTO LRL].
3- Control Long-Range Locator [CTRL LRL]
4- Ionic System [IONIC]
5- Bionic System [BIONIC]
6- Live Stream System [LIVE STREAM]
7- 3D Ground Scan System [GROUND SCAN]
8- Pin Pointer System [PINPOINTER]

Gold Star 3D Scanner Program Function

Gold Star 3D Scanner user interface software program was designed according to the latest modern software technologies in the field of interface design according to an attractive modern design with a consistent color theme and graphical icons that present the search systems, options and settings of the device in an easily understandable way for the novice or professional user alike.

The design of the screens and controls has been taken into account the best guidelines of user experience that provide the user with the best possible, flexible and easy use of the device while providing ease of control to adjust the different values and settings related to the various search systems available in the device.

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